Anarchy Motive

588.00 Grams
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The Atlas is the quintessential spherical shift knob. With a nice 2.2" diameter and hefty 588 gram weight it is the perfect combo of size and low slung center of gravity. It is countersunk to permit the use of the reverse lockout for a few different vehicles.

You can choose your thread pitch from the drop down. If you have a question regarding fitment - please email [email protected]

NOTE: Pictures are representative of the color, not necessarily the specific knob. Base knobs come plain, with no engraving. 

NOTE: Knobs are made to order for the most part, due to the level of custom work that can be involved I do not keep a ton of stock. Meaning if it is not in stock it could take a little while to get it machined, coated, etc. Bear this in mind when ordering. If you are concerned, please send me an email and I'll answer any questions. 

Threads on knobs can be changed, they can be made to fit just about any vehicle. If it doesn't have a threaded shifter there is still a pretty good chance it can be made to fit with an adapter of sorts. If you have questions about fitment, email: [email protected]