Warranty & FAQs

Anarchy Motive will warranty the structure of your knob for life. We also warranty the coat for 2 years, no cost to you. Just ship it back and we will recoat it. No problems, no issues. We’ll even pay the return shipping to you. Just give us an email and work out the logistics and we’ll get it done. If you modify your coating in ANY way we will not warranty it. We will not warranty the coating if you plastidip over it, if you engrave it, if you paint over it, if you clear over it, etc. If you do anything to otherwise modify the coating we cannot warranty the coating. We’re sorry.

Anarchy Motive does not pay return shipping for the RMA, we will however pay the return shipping back to you after the warranty is done. We reserve the right to refuse an RMA if we reasonably suspect that the damage was not as a result of our coating process. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser only, it does not apply to a second hand purchase.

There is no buyers remorse policy, knobs are made to order for you and the color is chosen by you. As soon as the knob ships and is en route to you it is your knob. If your order is customized in any way it is not returnable. Knobs are made to order, when it is made it is essentially for you and all the options are chose by you. All sales are final on the purchase of custom knobs.

Standard (non engraved stock knobs) can be returned. All returns/cancellations of standard knobs will incur a 15% restocking fee. Engraved, color filled, and hydrodipped knobs (carbon fiber, wood, or galaxy) cannot be returned. If the knob is damaged in any way it cannot be returned for any refund. Return shipping on a return is on the customer, it is not supplied from Anarchy Motive. You have 3 days from shipment arrival (according to supplied tracking) to initiate a return. Refund Policy is listed at checkout with the Terms of Service. 

On exchanges for damaged knobs or knobs that are the incorrect order the knob from the customer must be shipped back before the replacement knob is shipped out. If there is an issue with your product, you have 3 days from shipment arrival (according to supplied tracking) to notify me, I cannot verify the validity of claims after that. Certain vehicles may require minor modifications to adjust engravings to sit straight, such as thread tape, BLUE thread locker, washer, etc. They are completely reversible and easy to install and uninstall. If you have questions on install, please email. 

If you have any questions about the process do not hesitate to email me at [email protected], thanks!

Atlas - classic sphere shape

5 Speed Mammoth - sphere with small collar and boot retainer

6 Speed Mammoth - sphere with collar and boot retainer - lightbulb shape 

Goliath - rod shape knob with rounded corners 

Titan - tear drop shaped knob